Heath & Gav
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Congratulations to Heather & Gavin Tasker! ^.^

Wedding *August 30, 2003* Portland, Oregon

The Old Laurelhurst Church

Patty & Me Outside of the Church

The Altar

Down the Aisle

At the Altar

Candle Lighting

Ok, what's next?

Gavin, you may kiss the bride :)



Yay! Mr. & Mrs. Tasker!

Just Married!


Bride & Bride-to-be (Kristin's getting married, too!)

me & Princess Heather

Heath & Gav's guests from San Jose (Who? us! duh! :P)

Gavin & Heather & their CAKE

A Toast by the Maid of Honor (Heather's sister Michelle*~)

To Heather & Gavin

Cake Time!

Awwwww How *Sweet*!


Their 1st Dance

AWWWWW... they look so cute dancing together!

Single Ladies! Ready for the Bouquet!


Patty, Heath, me, and Larkin

Country Dance Fun Fun Fun

Created by Lil Scrubby