Vicky & Chuck
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Congratulations to Vicky & Chuck! ^.^

Wedding *May 29, 2004* Berkeley, CA

Berkeley Faculty Club


Wendy the Pianist

Tina, me, U-li-jay

Aw they're so cute!

Bridal March

Tina & Tristan


The Bridesmaids

Julie, Vicky, Tina

Chocolate coated strawberry!

Mucho strawberries for the bride

Tina & Julie karaoking: "Heaven, I'm in Heaven..."

Dancing Cheek to Cheek

Mama & Papa too

Check out the *background dancers*

How do you know it's Berkeley? Here's a shot of campus.


Vicky in Chi-Pow

Can't call it a day without a funny one

Created by Lil Scrubby